Damian Jager (stats)

Inquisitor Damian Jäger

Agility d8 Smarts d4 Spirit d10 Strength d6 Vigor d6
Charisma 0 Size 0 Pace 6/d6 Encumbrance 0 20 XP (Seasoned)
Parry 7 Toughness 5 Sanity 5 (1) Purity 7 Psy Rating 6
Wounds 0 Madness 0 Taint 0 Corruption 0

Human Male

Fighting d10 Intimidation d6 Mind-Reading d8 Notice d6
Piloting d6 Shooting d10


  • Rookie Daemonhunter who Plays By His Own Rules (High Concept)
  • Obsessed with the Hierarch of Anarchy (Trouble)
  • Blood brother to a Tau
  • AB (Psyker)
  • Two-Fisted
  • Increased Psy-Rating
  • Obsession (Insanity) Malal daemon knife (permanent)

Chainsword x2 (Str+2d8; AP 2; 6kg SI)
Bolt Pistol x2 (2d10; AP 4; Range 8/16/32; ROF 1, Semi; 8 shots; 3.5kg SI)

Ignatus-pattern power armor (8 All Armor; 50kg SI; Covers Pace 6, Sensor suite, Strength enhancement, Trauma system, 72 hr endurance, 2 Mod slots free)


Mind Reading (PR3, 12" range, opposed by Smarts, SPC2 37) On success, receive a single short memory (up to 5 minutes). On failure, lose a Fatigue level (1 hour to recover). Roll at -4 to remain undetected. +3PR to alter/remove memories. +3PR Mind Rider.


Novice: Spirit d10, Increased Psy-Rating, Two-Fisted

Seasoned: Intimidation d6/Piloting d6

1 excess skill point

Damian Jager (stats)

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