Fatshadow (stats)

Morn "Fatshadow" Graveltoes

Agility d12 Smarts d8 Spirit d6 Strength d4-1 Vigor d6
Charisma 0 Size -1 Pace 4/d4 Encumbrance 0 25 XP (Seasoned)
Parry 4 Toughness 4 Sanity 6 Purity 5
Wounds 0 Madness 0 Taint 0 Corruption 0

Ratling Male

Fighting d4 Gambling d8 Healing d6 Notice d8
Persuasion d6 Shooting d12 Stealth d12 Survival d4
Tracking d4


  • Gluttonous sharpshooter halfling from Ornsworld (High Concept)
  • Amasec abuser (Trouble)
  • There are no bystanders in the battle for survival
  • Quick Racial
  • Marksman
  • Alertness

Long Las (2d8; AP 1; Range 40/80/160; ROF 1; 40 shots; 4.5kg; Snapfire, Scope, d10 on Raise, Variable laser power)
Long Las (Hot-Shot) (2d8
1; AP 8; Range 25/50/100; ROF 1; 1 shots)
Laspistol (2d6; Range 8/16/32; ROF 1, Semi; 30 shots; 1.5kg)
Combat Knife (Str+d6; Range 3/6/12; 1kg)

Imperial Guard Flak (4 All; 11kg; +1 Armor vs. template attacks)

Chameleoline Cloak (+2 on Stealth rolls; -2 to be hit if stationary)
Refractor Field (Force Field (9/d6); -1 Stealth when active)

Novice: Agility d12, Shooting d12/Stealth d12, Alertness
Seasoned: Marksman, Gravitic Acclimation

Fatshadow (stats)

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