General Rules

Setting Rules

Aspects: Fate-style Aspects will be present in play, taking the place of Hindrances. These Aspects may be compelled as in Fate, with bennies taking the place of Fate Points. Additionally, player characters’ Aspects may be used to justify temporary skill increases under the Rusty setting rule.

Heavy Armor: Heavy Armor does not automatically negate attacks from weapons without the Heavy Weapon trait entirely. Instead, it negates their AP value and prevents their damage rolls from Acing. On a hit with a Raise, non-Heavy Weapons may either gain bonus damage normally or ignore the Heavy Armor trait. On a hit with two Raises, they may do both.

Rusty: The PCs are vastly experienced and their character sheets reflect only the skills which they are currently using on a regular basis. Players may access skills which have fallen out of routine use by spending a bennie to increase any skill by one die step (including getting a new skill at d4) for the remainder of the scene, provided that the skill is related to one of the character’s Aspects. If multiple Aspects apply to a single skill, one bennie may be spent per Aspect.

Spice of Life: When a character draws Clubs for combat initiative, they must take a different action than in the previous round.

From Savage Worlds Deluxe:

  • Blood & Guts
  • Born a Hero
  • Critical Failure
  • Fanatics (limited to certain groups)
  • Gritty Damage

From Savage Worlds Horror Companion:

  • Forbidden Lore


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