Sector History

Overview: Besieged sector falls into anarchy

Location: Northern reaches of the Eastern Fringe, somewhere beyond Ultima Segmentum

Yes: Intersellar starfaring civilizations are not rare, an ork emperor, Halo devices, extremely aggressive Dark Eldar presence, AI presence, space krakens, an “Eldar captain Ahab”, human space gypsies, Planet of the Blanks

No: Squats, full-scale invasions by Tyrannids/Necrons/other unstoppable forces

Human Culture Begins to Bloom

(during Dark Age of Technology, ca. M20)

Golden Age of Man

  • Humans build a ringworld
  • Battlecruiser Anima Enigma built on the ringworld
  • Anima Enigma crashes through the ringworld
    • Scene: Why did the ship’s chief engineer fall to Malal? (On the bridge of the just-finished Anima Enigma) After the ship’s controls were sabotaged by the engineer’s brother/rival, he attempted to engage the warp drive to avoid a collision with the ring and, in the process, was directly exposed to the warp core.
  • Rioting in the wake of the Anima Enigma disaster claims the lives of 90% of the ringworld’s population and 5% of the sector’s total human population.
  • Anima Enigma is repaired and recommissioned as a bulk trader

Malal Crusade

The Forsaken Tempest

(during Age of Strife, M25-M30)

  • Orks arrive in sector on a massive rokk
  • Anima Enigma is lost in the Warp
  • The loss of the Anima Enigma is followed by famine on many human worlds
  • Eldar forces and the Assembly of Pure Thought dominate the sector, as others cannot reliably travel through the Warp
  • The Eldar Craftworld Dolarien breaks apart in the Warp as it attempts to escape from the Eye of Terror. Fragments of the doomed Craftworld emerge from the Warp and are scattered across the sector.

The Great Ork Waaagh Emprah

The Age of Ork Dominion

  • Warboss Snikgit Grimdaka crowns himself as the first Emprah
  • Emprah Snikgit Grimdaka killed in a Dark Eldar raid
  • Dark Eldar create a colony of Blank slaves on the world of Parion
  • Ork Emprah finds the Anima Enigma and claims it as his flagship
  • Anima Enigma serves as a transport for ork forces, then is rescued by human rebels
  • Dark Eldar treachery allows Sigmar, the leader of the human rebellion, onto the Anima Enigma
    • Scene: How did the ork Emprah die? (At the helm of the Anima Enigma during a raging battle) While in single combat with Sigmar, the Emprah’s claw became entangled with Sigmar’s weapon, then Sigmar leapt into the void, dragging the Empra with him as they both fell into a gas giant. (Note: At this time, Sigmar was bonded to the Circlet of Eternity in the form of a golden bracer covering his right forearm.)
  • A kraken finds the Circlet of Eternity in the gas giant and devours it. The Circlet’s influence turns the kraken white.
  • Sigmar‘s son uses the Anima Enigma to destroy the ork Emprah’s capitol world, but the main ork force has already left before his arrival.
  • Human uprising ends the Age of Ork Dominion

The Dark Eldar Hegemony

  • Huge Dark Eldar raiding fleet arrives in search of an artifact of terrible power
  • Captain Ahabriel of the Craftworld Eldar arrives to tame the Kraken and use them to wipe the Dark Eldar from the sector. He eventually loses his left eye to a White Kraken and dedicates himself to revenge.
  • Renegade human and Eldar psykers join forces to create the Throne of Terror as a weapon to defeat the Dark Eldar in the sector. This device magnifies the user’s psy power a hundredfold, but burns out his body, leaving it a shriveled husk.
  • Upon finding an artifact, a large segment of the Dark Eldar force disappears.
  • The remains of the Dark Eldar force attempt to destroy the Throne of Terror, but only succeed in damaging it.

The Age of Rediscovery

  • An Eldar strike force attempts to recover an ancient Eldar sword from a now-human-controlled world, but fails
  • Researchers on Parion develop an inertialess drive and attempt to use it to explore the galaxy, but the attempt ends horribly and none of the explorers survive
  • The Endless Swarm encounters a expeditionary tendril from a Tyrannid hive fleet and devour it completely
  • The Democratic Republic of the Planet Korrion starts a brutal civil war, which quickly draws neighboring systems into the conflict
  • The demon prince Doomrider scourges the sector while seeking the ultimate Eldar motorcycle, Zephyrus, but fails to find it
    • Scene: How did Doomrider win the ultimate bike race on the planet Coliseum 4? (On Coliseum 4, a death world) He shot the human rider in the back, his pit chief painted the ork rider pink, and the Eldar rider was pushed into the ork fans and torn apart.

The War of 100 Kings

(began late M36, about the time of the Age of Apostasy)

Sector History

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