Varg Chainbreakerson (stats)

Varg Chainbreakerson

Agility d6 Smarts d6 Spirit d6 Strength d12 Vigor d8
Charisma 0 Size +1 Pace 6/d6 Encumbrance 0 25* XP (Seasoned)
Parry 7 Toughness 8 H Sanity 5 Purity 5 H
Wounds 0 Madness 0 Taint 0 Corruption 0

Adeptus Astartes (Space Wolves) Male

Fighting d10 Intimidation d6 Notice d6 Persuasion d6
Streetwise d4 Taunt d4


  • Careless space Viking cruising through space with his axe as his only tool (High Concept)
  • Shortsighted, enraged by entities that linger in the background (Trouble)
  • Stubborn when it comes to Palmer Eldritch's safety
  • Hardy Racial; Physical and Spiritual damage
  • Immune to Poison Racial
  • Black Carapace Racial
  • Berserk
  • Brawny
  • Sweep
  • Enemy: Chaos (Racial) -4 Charisma
  • Outsider (Racial)
  • Code of Honor (Racial) Sons of Russ

Chain Axe (Str+2d10; AP 1; 13kg; -1 Parry)
Astartes Combat Shield (Str+d6; 3kg; +2 Parry, 10/d10 Force Field on covered side)

Astartes Assault Armor (T 10, ALH 8; 100kg; Pace 6/d6, Size +2, Jump Pack (12" horiz, 6" vert), Magnetic Pads, Self-Sealing, Sensor Suite, Strength Enhancement x2, Trauma System, 0 Mods free; Aspect: Thine arm be the scourge of the impure)

Novice: Race, Race, Race
Seasoned: Race, Sweep

Varg Chainbreakerson (stats)

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