Zeddicus U'Para (stats)

Zeddicus U'Para

Agility d8 Smarts d8 Spirit d6 Strength d6 Vigor d8
Charisma 0 Size 0 Pace 6/d6 Encumbrance 0 25 XP (Seasoned)
Parry 6 Toughness 8 (2) Sanity 8 (2) Purity 5 8 Power
Wounds 0 Madness 0 Taint 0 Corruption 0

Adeptus Mechanicus Male

Fighting d8 Implant Use d8 Investigation d6 Knowledge (Archaeotech) d6
Notice d8 Repair d8 Shooting d8


  • Curious Magos Explorator searching to rediscover ancient ArchaeoTech to restart the shipyards on his home planet (High Concept)
  • Intrigued by XenoTech, and obsessed with the fact that some of it is better and needs to be adapted (Trouble)
  • To fail is to be flesh, Metal endures
  • Arcane Background Mechanicus Implants
  • Respirator Immune to inhaled pathogens
  • Vox-Synth May communicate in Techna-Lingua
  • Outsider (Racial)

Omnissian Axe (Str+2d8+1; AP 6; 8kg; -1 Parry, 2 hands, Power Field, Omni-tool)
Bolt Pistol (2d10; AP 4; Range 8/16/32; ROF 1, Semi; 8 shots; 3.5kg)

Tech-Priest Robes (TAL 1; 4kg)
Flak Helmet (H 2; 2kg; +1 Armor vs. template attacks)
Flak Cloak (TAL 3; 8kg; +1 Armor vs. template attacks)

Refractor Field (Force field: 9/d6, 2kg, -1 Stealth when active)


Binaric Screech (2/4 PP, MBT/LBT, Instant) All living creatures in the area of effect must oppose the activation roll with Spirit or be Shaken. Tech-Priests are not affected. Machines may optionally be affected.

Maglev Transcendence (2 PP, Self, 3 rounds (1/round)) Levitate 20-30cm off the ground and move at normal Pace, ignoring terrain penalties. With a raise, may Run as a free action.

Prosanguine (2 PP, Self, Permanent) Meditate for 10 minutes, then make an Implant Use roll for healing. Also removes toxins and diseases. Wound/Madness penalties are not doubled for this power.

Novice: Race, Race, Race
Seasoned: Notice d6/Shooting d8, Notice d8/Investigation d6

Zeddicus U'Para (stats)

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