This will be a sci-fi sandbox, set in the Warhammer 40k universe or a very similar setting.

Current Status

  • The general campaign structure will be a hexcrawl-in-space, with the PCs moving about a sector of space on their own initiative to pursue their own ends, but there will be at least one larger threat present for them to oppose.
    • While the setting will be based in 40k, it will take place in a non-canon sector.
    • The sector is likely to be on the Imperial frontier or in non-Imperial space.
  • Savage Worlds will be the primary in-play rules system.
  • The GM will be using the systems in Stars Without Number for high-level setting creation and to manage the activities of various factions throughout the sector as the campaign progresses.
  • The historical background of the sector will be created as a group using Microscope.
    • Where feasible, planetary details will also be created as a group with Microscope, but this may be limited to only a small number of worlds which are central to the campaign, depending on how much the group enjoys Microscope and how long it takes to develop a world with it.
  • PC resources will be tracked “very loosely”-to-“not at all”. In principle, they will be regulated through a variant of the “Availability Rank” system from the High Space setting for Savage Worlds. In practice, it will be primarily a matter of what seems appropriate to a given character’s background and Rank.
    • One way or another, the PCs will have control of an interstellar-capable ship, since hexcrawling through the sector would be rather difficult without one.

Savage Imperium

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