Agyra System

Star system with a yellow star, 6 planets, 1 asteroid belt and 4 gas giants. Controlled by the Fox Combine. System where settlers moved to settle and do stuff. Though several worlds were at one time habitable, just one is now; Agyra Prime. Reasons currently unknown.

Primary Star: G0 V (Yellow Main Sequence)
Mainworld: Agyra Prime – D 514565-7

World UWP Notes
Agyra Alpha Y 000—- Asteroid Belt
Agyra Beta Y 400—- Ruins
Agyra Beta A Y S00—-
Agyra Beta B Y S00—-
Agyra Beta C Y S00—-
Agyra Prime D 514565-7 Main World
Agyra Gamma A Y S00—-
Agyra Gamma B Y S00—-
Agyra Gamma C Y 200—-
Agyra Delta Y S00—- Ruins
Agyra Epsilon Y S00—-
Agyra Zeta Y 000—- Ruins
Agyra Eta Y 625—- Ruins
Agyra Eta A Ring
Agyra Theta LGG
Agyra Theta A Y 100—-
Agyra Theta B Y 400—-
Agyra Theta C Y 300—-
Agyra Theta D Y 200—-
Agyra Theta E Y 200—-
Agyra Theta F Y 610—-
Agyra Iota SGG
Agyra Iota A Y 310—-
Agyra Iota B Y 310—-
Agyra Iota C Y 100—-
Agyra Kappa SGG
Agyra Kappa A Y S00—-
Agyra Kappa B Y S00—-
Agyra Kappa C Y 200—-
Agyra Lambda SGG
Agyra Lambda A Ring
Agyra Lambda B Y S00—-
Agyra Lambda C Y 400—-
Agyra Lambda D Y 400—-
Agyra Lambda E Y 100—-


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