Agyra Prime

Only inhabited planet in the Agyra system. It has an average temperature of 80°C.
40% of the surface is water, though tainted with heavy metals and other hazardous substances. It has to be filtered thoroughly which is expensive and slow, which has lead to a lot of infighting over the pure water that is produced. The atmosphere is thin and its basically always sunny so there is an abundance of energy.

The planet has decent mineral findings but with a archaic mining capability almost none is mined.

Because of a lot of different reasons the planet has been more of a burden than a benefit to the Fox Combine, taking way more supplies than resources produced.

Inhabitants live in houses above ground in very small environmental domes. There is no working central planetary government. Inhabitants grow and tame a sort of creature native to Agyra Prime, the Phregas, which fighting is a popular pastime.

Main export products: Steaks and Crystals

Known problems that needs to be solved to start being a possibly productive planet:

-Find out how the other planets were destroyed/made uninhabitable so it doesn’t happen here too. Status: Unknown

-Improved water filtration.
Status: New filter plans is being implemented. With the side effect of getting rare substances from the water and using/trading it.

-Improved mining techniques and gear.
Status: Unknown

-As many geological findings as possible found.
Status: Several new ones found

-Improved living arrangements.
Status: Plans for a underground city is made.

-Agriculture, current environmental domes could be remade into bio-domes if enough water is able to be filtered.
Status: Unkown

-Reserch the Phregas to find out if there is any way to use it except for entertainment value.
Status: Unkown

-Find out why the oceans aren’t boiling. Water boils at ~ +40°C in an atmosphere of 0.08 atm, and since this world has an average temperature of 80°C I think the oceans should at least be bubbling a bit. And the air moisture level should probably be quite high. And if it is boiling and the “taint” in the water can’t be removed by collecting water vapor, then I think the atmosphere should be very hazardous indeed.
Status: Unknowable?

Agyra Prime (D 514565-7)

Agyra System

7,493 km diameter, Molten core
Poor starport, TL 7 (Local space capability)
Trace atmosphere, 0.08 atm
Hydrographics: 40%
Population: 190k surface, Captive government, Law level 5

Surface Gravity: 0.53 G
Base Temperature: 80 C
Volcanic Activity: Light
Tectonic Activity: Moderate

Orbital Period: 200.53 standard days
Orbital Radius: 0.69 AU (e 0.131; 0.60-0.78)
Orbital Velocity: 135k km/h

Rotation Period: 31.14 standard hours
Axial Tilt: 27 degrees

Satellite UWP Notes
Agyra Gamma A Y S00—-
Agyra Gamma B Y S00—-
Agyra Gamma C Y 200—-

Agyra Prime

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