Space Travel

In-System Travel

Travel between planets takes 1d6 days per orbit. Warp travel begins and ends at a virtual “orbit” one step beyond the outermost planet.

Travel between moons orbiting a single planet takes 1d6 hours per orbit.

Players may spend a bennie to invoke the Lux Aeterna’s “Skittish” aspect and reduce these rolls to 1d6-1 days or hours per orbit. There is still a minimum total trip time of 1 day or hour.

Interstellar Travel

Knowledge (Warp Navigation) is rolled to make a successful passage through the Warp. Ships guided by a member of the Navis Nobilite receive a +2 bonus for jumps of a single parsec and -1 per additional parsec. Ships reliant solely on computation of their route from realspace receive no modifier for 1-parsec jumps and a -2 penalty per additional parsec. Accurate charts of the specific route in use may give a +1 or +2 to this roll.

  • Failure: Roll twice for Warp Travel Encounters (Rogue Trader core rules, p.187), taking the worse result. (Ships with Warpsbane Hulls roll only once.) Even if the ship is not lost to an Encounter, it will automatically misjump.
  • Success: Roll once for Warp Travel Encounters.
  • Raise: Roll once for Warp Travel Encounters with a bonus of +10 per raise.

When exiting the Warp, the Navigator (if one is present) may make a Notice roll at -2 to safely arrive at a specific location in the system. If this roll is failed, an unexpected obstacle places the ship in immediate peril (of greater severity if the roll was failed by a larger margin). If the Navigator chooses to skip this roll, or if no Navigator is present, the ship arrives one orbit beyond the outermost planet as usual.

Interstellar Travel Times

A trip through the Warp will normally take subjective time equal to 1d6 days times the square root of the distance in parsecs. If the subjective duration is 10 days or longer, roll for Warp Travel Encounters once every five full days.

To determine the time which has passed in realspace, multiply the subjective duration of the passage by 6d6-2d6-2. (Average 12, minimum -8, maximum 32)


A ship which misjumps due to a failed Knowledge (Warp Navigation) roll or a Warp Travel Encounter will arrive in a random location. Starting from a random hex along the ship’s intended path, roll 1d12 three times and read it as a clock face, moving the ship two hexes in the indicated direction each time, then roll 1d6 for the direction of a final one-hex movement.

If a system is present in the resulting hex, the ship’s Navigator must roll Notice as above to exit the Warp at a safe location. If the ship has no Navigator, it all comes down to luck – roll 1d4 with no Wild Die.

Space Travel

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