Damian Jager

Damian was born on a penal world and was at a young age taken from his parents and sent away with the black ships. He was chosen for training as an sanctioned Imperial psyker and after finishing training he was recruited by the Inquisition in order to work as an Interrogator. An older Inquisitor, inquisitor Ebenhart, requited him to work as his personal aid after a case involving a daemon cult. Damian after this quickly rose through the ranks until he at the age of 47 became an Inquisitor. He have at this point only been an Inquisitor for about 15 years.

Damian sees Ebenhart as a father figure and the Inquisition as the family he never had. He will try to adopt a “father to his men” attitude with younger party members an will be very loyal and protective of them while he at the same time respect them and want them to grow in their roles as Inquisitorial agents.

Damian is almost two meters tall, have surprisingly mild blue eyes, a hawk-like nose and a smile that reveal that half of his teeth have been knocked out and replaced with a metal prosthetic. He have cauliflower ear on his left side that he makes no attempt at hiding with his short blond hair.


Damian Jager

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