Universal World Profile

The UWP is a brief code (borrowed from the Traveller family of games) indicating the major details of a world. It takes the form:

(Port) (Size)(Atmosphere)(Hydrographics)(Population)(Government)(Law) – (TL)

Instead of a standard UWP, gas giants list either “SGG” or “LGG” (Small/Large Gas Giant). Planetary rings are listed as “Ring”. Uninhabited worlds use “-” for Population/Government/Law/TL, as “-—” stands out more clearly than “000-0”.


Starports are rated from A (full shipbuilding facilities) to E (a marked patch of flat ground and little, if anything, else).

Spaceports are rated from F to H, corresponding to class C through E starports, but they are smaller and generally incapable of handling interstellar craft.

A class X or Y port designation indicates that no facilities are present.


The diameter of the world in 1,000 mile (1,600 km) increments. Earth is size 8.

Size 0 is an asteroid belt, so Size S (Small) is used instead for worlds under 800km in diameter.


0 No atmosphere 1 Trace atmosphere
2 Very thin, tainted atmosphere 3 Very thin atmosphere
4 Thin, tainted atmosphere 5 Thin atmosphere
6 Standard atmosphere 7 Tainted atmosphere
8 Dense atmosphere 9 Dense, tainted atmosphere
A Exotic atmosphere B Corrosive atmosphere
C Insidious atmosphere D Dense, high pressure atmosphere
E Thin, low pressure atmosphere F Unusual atmosphere


The percentage of the world covered by water or seas of other liquids, in tens of percent.


0 No inhabitants 1 Tens of inhabitants
2 Hundreds of inhabitants 3 Thousands of inhabitants
4 Tens of Thousands of inhabitants 5 Hundreds of Thousands of inhabitants
6 Millions of inhabitants 7 Tens of Millions of inhabitants
8 Hundreds of Millions of inhabitants 9 Billions of inhabitants


0 No government 1 Company/corporate control
2 Participating democracy 3 Self-perpetuating oligarchy
4 Representative democracy 5 Feudal technocracy
6 Captive government 7 Balkanized
8 Civil service bureaucracy 9 Impersonal bureaucracy
A Charismatic dictator B Non-charismatic dictator
C Charismatic oligarchy D Religious dictatorship
E Religious autocracy F Totalitarian oligarchy

Law Level

Law Level is a general indicator of how aggressive (or oppressive) the world’s legal system is, including such things as what goods are banned, the level of surveillance, and the chances of encounters with law enforcement.

Tech Level

A world’s Tech Level indicates the overall level of what can be manufactured locally or is imported in large enough quantity to be readily available to the general population. Higher-tech items may be present, either as high-end imports or relics of an earlier age.

The level of technology available in specific areas may also be higher or lower than the general Tech Level. In particular, any world with a hostile environment must have the ability to either produce or import environmental technology of at least TL 8.

0 No technology 1 Bronze or Iron Age
2 Renaissance-era 3 Early industrial revolution
4 Industrial revolution 5 Mid-20th century
6 Fission power 7 Local space capability
8 Interplanetary age 9 Generation ships
A Early interstellar age B AI possible
C Interstellar society D Cloning
E Flying cities F Peak Imperial technology


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